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Scratch made biscuits. Everything from classic buttermilk biscuits to sweet blueberry biscuits and savory cheddar. 

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Call ahead to place an order (662) 324-3118

or find us locally at 104 S Washington St. Suite #3 Starkville, MS 39759

These biscuits are slap your momma good!


Buttermilk $1.50

Sprinkle $2.25

Blueberry $2.50

Raspberry Lemonade $2.50

Ham Cheddar $2.80


Buttermilk $1.50

Sprinkle $2.25

Blueberry $2.50

Chocolate Cheesecake $2.50

Maple Bacon $2.80

Bacon Cheddar $2.80


Buttermilk $1.50

Sprinkle $2.25

Blueberry $2.50

Honey Hush $2.50

Peaches & Cream $2.50

Maple Bacon $2.80

Sausage Cheddar $2.80


Buttermilk $1.50

Cheddar $1.75

Sprinkle $2.25

Blueberry $2.50

Wesson Biscuit $1.40

Chicken OR Sausage Biscuit $3.25


Sammiches are served on Friday and Saturday. Flavors change weekly.


Sausage Rotel $5.25

Sausage Cream Cheese $5.25

Buffalo Chicken $5.25

Turkey and Swiss $5.25

Taco Roll $5.25

Boudin $5.25


bite-size snacks

Cookie Dough $1.50

Bacon Bombs $1.50

meat biscuits

Bacon Biscuit $3.25

Ham Biscuit $3.25

Sausage Biscuit $3.25

Smoked Sausage Biscuit $3.25

Chicken Biscuit $3.25

Tenderloin Biscuit $3.25


Our frozen mini biscuits are perfect for any and every occasion!

We keep the freezer stocked with various flavors and always have some on hand for you to order!

Frozen biscuits are great for purchasing before an event

or the holidays to bake at home, for your family, a party, or even a meeting!

These are pre-cooked. We will provide a pan to finish cooking the biscuits along with cooking instructions.

Prices vary by flavor (from $9.00-$18.60)

and each flavor comes by the dozen - glazes are an additional $1.00.

IMG-1968 (2).JPG

Frozen Mini Pans

Mini Pans are perfect for baking at home!

Pictured to left: Blueberry and Sprinkle

If you would like to order a flavor that we do not currently have in stock, you can call (662) 324 - 3118 during business hours to place an order no less than 1 day in advance. We ask that you choose from the menu of the day you plan to pick up the biscuits, or any day PRIOR to your scheduled pick-up date and time.


NOTE: We can ACCOMMODATE call-in orders with pre-payment. Orders must be picked up by 10:30am. Customers are served on a first come, first served basis. 

**Assorted dozens available in Standard Size Biscuits - prices vary**

ORDERS of 1 dozen or more are accepted with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice and pre-payment. Orders must be selected from the Daily Biscuit Menu (see above) of the order’s pickup date. Order slots book up quickly on the weekends, so plan ahead! 

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Standard Size Order

Average Price for 1 Dozen - $25.00

Prices range depending on flavors purchased within order.