The Biscuit Shop

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Scratch made biscuits. Everything from classic buttermilk biscuits to sweet blueberry biscuits and savory cheddar. 

What to expect when visiting our shop..

Recently, we are receiving more questions, menu requests, curious customers wanting to know why we're out of biscuits (who can blame them!?) and I feel it's important to know what to expect when visiting The Biscuit Shop. Please feel free to share this post. In fact, I encourage you to if you're a biscuit shop fan!!

I'm a sole baker. I do have great employees helping in our shop and kitchen. They keep me prepped and ready to bake. But the baking, that's 100% me and my two hands. I have a small, gourmet biscuit shop and I love keeping things simple. Does that mean we often run out of biscuits?? It absolutely does!! I love making biscuits for those that have continued to help my business grow. I currently choose to not teach others to bake this special, southern tradition that took me so many years of practice to get just like my grandmother's buttermilk biscuits. There may come a day I choose different. But for now, getting to the biscuit shop early morning is always the best idea to snag your favorite biscuit of the day. 

There are many businesses across the south that close once they're sold out. These are often small, family businesses that keep it simple and do what they can each day. That's where I am at this moment. I'm baking each day as much as I can until approximately 11:30 am-noon. We tend to slow down after noon each this timing is currently our happy medium. Could that change to extended baking hours? Absolutely!

When you visit our shop it's important to know we're come and go. It's strictly take out. Many customers enjoy sitting on our porch while enjoying their biscuits and ice cold, glass bottle soda. We always love seeing customers enjoying our little porch. We're not fancy!! We're small, quaint and I sure do love it. 

So, tips for visiting the biscuit shop are....COME EARLY for best options!! Sometimes that means even before 8 am. 

Ordering: Orders MUST be placed by calling our shop during business hours. Minimum order is 2 dz, must be placed 24 hours in advance, must be paid for in advance via in store payment or paypal invoice emailed (due to orders not picked up) & last..must be menu options on the day of your order.

Please post any comments or questions you may have!! Love getting feedback!