The Biscuit Shop

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Scratch made biscuits. Everything from classic buttermilk biscuits to sweet blueberry biscuits and savory cheddar. 

Pure Craziness!! I looooooooove it

 I was finally able to have Johnthan Banks in the shop. Poor guy!! Johnthan has received so many messages from local customers asking him to GET IN OUR SHOP. He finally made it this week and turns out he's a bacon cheddar biscuit fan. I'm pretty much okay with that!!

Also, we're increasing our biscuit #'s daily!! Hopefully you all are seeing more on the shelf, later in the mornings. Next week should bring HUGE changes in the number of biscuits we're able to bake at a time. We're having some electrical work completed to this sweet, old building that I love, to allow us to support the commercial equipment. Yes, this would be a first thought for many of you when choosing locations, but not this biscuit lady!! I knew I loved this place, this is where we're supposed to be and by golly goodness we need more "juice" to run the heavy equipment. It's taken a few weeks to bring it all together, but when we open next Tuesday we'll be jammin' and rockin' out biscuits waaaaaaaay faster. Prayers please for this to be a seriously smooth process!! Our biscuit lovers need biscuits, faster and just MORE!! 

And last, tomorrow is STRAWBERRY know this is serious business!! Get in, come EARLY and grab a complimentary coffee with purchase while you're here!!