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Mary Biscuits

I wanted to share with you all my first purchase for The Biscuit Shop. No, it's nothing fancy!! It's not an oven, fridge or anything cool like that. It's way better than that!! I finally found the perfect jar to hold the Mary Biscuit pieces!!! What's a Mary Biscuit??? I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED :) But, you need some background first! (sorry for all the !!!....but I am seriously excited about this)

Alan and I have had the idea of gifting biscuits swirling around in our minds for a while now. We would say, "if we ever have a shop we need to find a way to get people biscuits that really need a hot breakfast"....or heck, just something to eat!! We live in a small town, but this small town is also filled with college kids attending Mississippi State University and I imagine a good, homemade biscuit would be awesome some mornings...even when you can't afford it. Right?! These late night talks and thoughts is where the Mary Biscuit was born. 

Mary McMurray is my great grandmother. I never knew her, but she must have been amazing. My Mom still remembers the way she smelled and she passed away when my Mom was a little girl. My Mom still makes her chicken and dumplings and her chocolate pie (SO flippin' good). She was a single Mother and never owned her own car. She walked to work EVERY day. When you hear her kids talk about her you really get the filling she was a special lady, a hard working Mom. My family is now filled with LOTS of Mary's. Mary's children went on to name their kids Mary and great grand children Mary. Seriously...we have Mary Beth, Mary Kathryn, Rosemary, Mari Michelle, Mary Hannah, Mary Mae, Mary southern are we?!  When I think of gifting a biscuit I can't help but think she would love this. She was a hard working, single mother who did what she had to do every single day. A Mary Biscuit it shall be. 

I found the perfect old pickle jar this weekend. This pickle jar will be (hopefully) filled with painted rocks for gifted biscuits. When you come into The Biscuit Shop to buy a biscuit, you can also buy a Mary Biscuit. For every Mary Biscuit purchased YOU put one of our rocks in the jar. This is your pay it forward. Someone wants something to eat? They come in and simply order a Mary Biscuit. Their payment is a rock from the Mary Jar. It's that simple and it's that awesome. I'm so excited to share this with my community.

Will it be taken advantage of?  OF COURSE!! But I believe the good heart and meaning of it all will outlast being taken advantage of. The goodness will overcome. 

Meet my Mary Jar: