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Scratch made biscuits. Everything from classic buttermilk biscuits to sweet blueberry biscuits and savory cheddar. 

What to expect when visiting our shop..

Recently, we are receiving more questions, menu requests, curious customers wanting to know why we're out of biscuits (who can blame them!?) and I feel it's important to know what to expect when visiting The Biscuit Shop. Please feel free to share this post. In fact, I encourage you to if you're a biscuit shop fan!!

I'm a sole baker. I do have great employees helping in our shop and kitchen. They keep me prepped and ready to bake. But the baking, that's 100% me and my two hands. I have a small, gourmet biscuit shop and I love keeping things simple. Does that mean we often run out of biscuits?? It absolutely does!! I love making biscuits for those that have continued to help my business grow. I currently choose to not teach others to bake this special, southern tradition that took me so many years of practice to get just like my grandmother's buttermilk biscuits. There may come a day I choose different. But for now, getting to the biscuit shop early morning is always the best idea to snag your favorite biscuit of the day. 

There are many businesses across the south that close once they're sold out. These are often small, family businesses that keep it simple and do what they can each day. That's where I am at this moment. I'm baking each day as much as I can until approximately 11:30 am-noon. We tend to slow down after noon each this timing is currently our happy medium. Could that change to extended baking hours? Absolutely!

When you visit our shop it's important to know we're come and go. It's strictly take out. Many customers enjoy sitting on our porch while enjoying their biscuits and ice cold, glass bottle soda. We always love seeing customers enjoying our little porch. We're not fancy!! We're small, quaint and I sure do love it. 

So, tips for visiting the biscuit shop are....COME EARLY for best options!! Sometimes that means even before 8 am. 

Ordering: Orders MUST be placed by calling our shop during business hours. Minimum order is 2 dz, must be placed 24 hours in advance, must be paid for in advance via in store payment or paypal invoice emailed (due to orders not picked up) & last..must be menu options on the day of your order.

Please post any comments or questions you may have!! Love getting feedback!

Pure Craziness!! I looooooooove it

 I was finally able to have Johnthan Banks in the shop. Poor guy!! Johnthan has received so many messages from local customers asking him to GET IN OUR SHOP. He finally made it this week and turns out he's a bacon cheddar biscuit fan. I'm pretty much okay with that!!

Also, we're increasing our biscuit #'s daily!! Hopefully you all are seeing more on the shelf, later in the mornings. Next week should bring HUGE changes in the number of biscuits we're able to bake at a time. We're having some electrical work completed to this sweet, old building that I love, to allow us to support the commercial equipment. Yes, this would be a first thought for many of you when choosing locations, but not this biscuit lady!! I knew I loved this place, this is where we're supposed to be and by golly goodness we need more "juice" to run the heavy equipment. It's taken a few weeks to bring it all together, but when we open next Tuesday we'll be jammin' and rockin' out biscuits waaaaaaaay faster. Prayers please for this to be a seriously smooth process!! Our biscuit lovers need biscuits, faster and just MORE!! 

And last, tomorrow is STRAWBERRY know this is serious business!! Get in, come EARLY and grab a complimentary coffee with purchase while you're here!! 

Biscuit Bucket List

Wowza, to see my Biscuit Bucket List actually on the wall, IN the biscuit shop, is better than amazing!! This is huge..and yes, it's literally huge. This all started as a wish list between myself and my oldest girlfriend, MaryKatherine (really, she is older!). Around the office I would say, "one day, I'll have a REAL shop" and it would be followed by one of us saying "put it on the list". We called this list the Biscuit Bucket List. 

Once I realized opening a shop was really going to happen I knew the bucket list was something I wanted to share with my customers. You see, I'm ONLY here baking biscuits in this shop thanks to my customers. To have customers involved in every journey possible is really important when it comes to the shop. It's always better, more fun and faster to obtain goals with help, right? So why not share my bucket list for me & the biscuits.  

My Biscuit Bucket List is compiled of goals I would LOVE to achieve for the shop. Other items on there are people I would have an outright FIT to have as customers. This is a forever growing list, of course!! We have MSU Coaches and athletes on this list..our boys were very specific about putting their favorites on here!! I have a few lady athletes to add!!! Others our customers have suggested (remember..I love having my customers involved) and some are MINE. Mr Otis Williams of The Temptations would literally send me right to the ugly crying, boo hooing..oh my goodness he is really in my shop kind of fit!! Music is a huge trigger for me with memories. A good song will change my mood in a second. When my brother, Randle, and I were little our mom would come through our bedroom door with a vacuum going and music blaring. Y'all, I mean EARLY on a Saturday morning. We would want her to hurry and get out so fast. But today, that sound is such a good memory. When momma had the Temptations going and cleaning the house we knew it was going to be a good day. For me, the Tempation's music are good days!! And I would love to share something of mine with them. For me their voices are the meaning of calming, it's gonna be a good day feelings. I would just love to pass something back to them. 

Ellen..well this fiesty lady is the Pay it Forward queen!!!! I would like to think that she had my family on her show a few years back because of our pay it forward attitudes. Today, I try to continue this as much as possible (see our Mary Jar post). To have Ellen share the love of a Mary Biscuit would be CRAZY amazing, don't cha think!? 

And last, Michael Oher..are you kidding me!? Talk about someone with amazing ambition, heart of gold and an attitude we all should have!!!! Seeing names, like his, on my shop wall are constant reminders that I can achieve ANY goal I set my mind to. Do I need someone else's approval??? Heck no!! I'm well aware of my talents, skills and I'm going to give that 200% every day. Will I fail, yup! But failing means I'm learning what not to do and what I should do better. I'm okay with that. 

Here it is today...check out my Biscuit Bucket List.  


Mary Biscuits

I wanted to share with you all my first purchase for The Biscuit Shop. No, it's nothing fancy!! It's not an oven, fridge or anything cool like that. It's way better than that!! I finally found the perfect jar to hold the Mary Biscuit pieces!!! What's a Mary Biscuit??? I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED :) But, you need some background first! (sorry for all the !!!....but I am seriously excited about this)

Alan and I have had the idea of gifting biscuits swirling around in our minds for a while now. We would say, "if we ever have a shop we need to find a way to get people biscuits that really need a hot breakfast"....or heck, just something to eat!! We live in a small town, but this small town is also filled with college kids attending Mississippi State University and I imagine a good, homemade biscuit would be awesome some mornings...even when you can't afford it. Right?! These late night talks and thoughts is where the Mary Biscuit was born. 

Mary McMurray is my great grandmother. I never knew her, but she must have been amazing. My Mom still remembers the way she smelled and she passed away when my Mom was a little girl. My Mom still makes her chicken and dumplings and her chocolate pie (SO flippin' good). She was a single Mother and never owned her own car. She walked to work EVERY day. When you hear her kids talk about her you really get the filling she was a special lady, a hard working Mom. My family is now filled with LOTS of Mary's. Mary's children went on to name their kids Mary and great grand children Mary. Seriously...we have Mary Beth, Mary Kathryn, Rosemary, Mari Michelle, Mary Hannah, Mary Mae, Mary southern are we?!  When I think of gifting a biscuit I can't help but think she would love this. She was a hard working, single mother who did what she had to do every single day. A Mary Biscuit it shall be. 

I found the perfect old pickle jar this weekend. This pickle jar will be (hopefully) filled with painted rocks for gifted biscuits. When you come into The Biscuit Shop to buy a biscuit, you can also buy a Mary Biscuit. For every Mary Biscuit purchased YOU put one of our rocks in the jar. This is your pay it forward. Someone wants something to eat? They come in and simply order a Mary Biscuit. Their payment is a rock from the Mary Jar. It's that simple and it's that awesome. I'm so excited to share this with my community.

Will it be taken advantage of?  OF COURSE!! But I believe the good heart and meaning of it all will outlast being taken advantage of. The goodness will overcome. 

Meet my Mary Jar: